What Is Modded Android Games And Apps #9

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what is modded android games and apps

What is Modded Android Games and apps?

So let me explain modded android games in short terms.

In simple, MOD APKs are a modified version of their original Apps.

‘Mod’ means ‘Modified.

The mod apk is basically cracked app. They haven’t an original signature from original developers of the app.

Mod APKs may have extra features, unlocked features, unlimited inApp/Game currency(for games) and many more things without paying for anything.

What are the benefits of modded games and apps?

Modded games and apps have extra features like the paid system unlocked and more.

So First, let’s talk about what is modded android apps.

Modded android apps

As you know modded android apps have different features. let me take an example. let’s talk about some best android apps like Netflix, Showbox(not available on google play store). so these are best android apps as you know. So in Netflix mod apk, you will be getting all paid feature are free without spending a single penny.

Showbox is best android app when it comes to free tv, movies streaming online but still, people want Showbox android modded apk because Showbox modded app has his own ad feature which people don’t like it that’s why people searching Showbox modded apk without ads in all over the internet.

Modded android games

Modded android games.

Best Modded Android Games and Apps 2019

modded android games are not different than modded android apps both are the same. the only difference between those ones is giving you paid features and one is giving you without purchasing unlocked features, unlimited in Game currency(for games) and many more things without paying for anything.

Now let’s come to the final point. Is modded android game and apps are safe?

Is modded android game and apps are safe?

So there are famous words from someone.

“Every Coins has two faces. which is head and tail”

So same case is here. if you thinking about the advantage then there is a disadvantage too. So let’s discuss one by one.

Modded android games and apps advantages you already know very well. So let’s come straight to disadvantages.

you don’t know who mod the game or app. So Be careful before downloading and installing any mod(pirated) app from an untrusted source. Because there are chances that the app being infected by malware.

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